Interior Painting

Interior Painting

A fresh paint job is the most dramatic alteration and breathes new life into a space. Painting takes skill and a trained eye, from preparing the work area and surface to understanding the best paint and finish to use for which application. With crisp lines and rich, consistent coats from our expert craftspeople, your place will look at its best for the next occupant.

Our paint package addresses the ‘normal wear and tear’ a unit typically experiences, even with a thoughtful and conscientious tenant. Small but noticeable nail, tack and screw holes, nicks here and there, discoloration around picture frames, common stains— anywhere that needs a light plastering and a solid primer. We use one with low VOC and low odor designed to resist blistering, peeling and mold and mildew.

Our top notch painters will then apply multiple coats of premium paint to give your apartment a fresh glow and super sharp appearance. Utilizing years of experience, even permanent blemishes and inconsistencies in the walls and ceilings will be feathered into a seamless and stunning look.


  • area protection - taped & tarped, floors covered
  • wall prep - small holes and cracks plastered & primed
  • consistent top & under coats
  • interior doors
  • site cleaned and restored


  • color!
  • larger drywall patches
  • doors
  • ceiling
  • anything with a heavier duty paint, epoxy, etc.

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Our thorough and knowledgeable cleaning team will maximize the appearance of the existing features and fixtures of your unit. We know exactly how to polish with what.


All floors

  • wood
  • tile
  • vinyl
  • concentrated


  • fridge
  • oven range and top
  • sink
  • countertops
  • cabinets & drawers


  • washer & dryer wipe down
  • lint trap/filter clean

Full unit

  • trash removal - includes 1 bag
  • windows
  • all accessible
  • full dusting
  • carpets vacuumed
  • floors mopped, scrubbed
  • light fixtures cleaned
  • fans/fan blades cleaned


  • sink & faucet
  • toilet
  • mirrors and medicine cabinets
  • tub and surrounds
  • cabinets & drawers
  • closet

Living Room/Bedroom

  • closets
  • shelving & storage

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Floors are hard to ignore! They are also a major player in a living or work space, so for this category we provide multiple options. For your tile in the kitchen and bath we can scour, regrout and seal, and for hardwood we can refinish them to their original glory.

The third option is our distinct luxury vinyl flooring, which delivers the glamour of a new floor without the price, noise, fuss or mess of traditional wood installation. And with a thoughtfully curated group of styles to choose from, you will add a touch of elegance without infringing on anyone’s particular taste. Great for ANY room.

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Bathroom Refinishing

Bathroom Refinishing

Bathrooms are typically one of the costliest and most frequent home renovations, but through our years of field experience and industry knowledge we have gleaned enough ‘tricks of the trade’ to provide you with a highly modified scale and budget for this area of your unit.

It is entirely possible this room sees the most action and subsequently the most abuse, but on the flip side it is a great opportunity to dazzle on a dime. Check out our shortlist that pretty much covers it all :

  • reglazing
  • removal of old grout & caulk/
    regrout & recaulk
  • toilet replaced
  • vanity replaced
  • medicine cabinet replaced
  • sink fixture/drain/supply lines replaced
  • showerhead/shower arm replaced
  • new accessories installed
  • light fixture/vanity lights replaced

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Countertops need to be sanitary, but face a huge amount of traffic and are usually a major focal point of an apartment. So when scouring and scrubbing can’t penetrate or remove stains, cuts or burns, or there is water damage and possibly mold and mildew, or your solid surface tops get spidery cracks-- a replacement may be in order.

Our precision team is exacting to tolerances and will change out your old countertops with perfectly templated replacements of your choosing:

  • natural stone
  • solid surface
  • laminate countertops
  • concrete countertops
  • butcher block
  • stainless steel

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The most important part of any turn is planning! And the best way to keep your project in check is to have a solid punchlist in hand-- before, during and after. This way NOTHING is missed and you can avoid being called back after a new tenant is moved in. Use our fillable and printable turncity punchlist to stay on target.

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